Making a Difference

Together we go far. Through values-based learning and attention to the “whole” student experience, we offer opportunities that go beyond education, encouraging personal growth and a perspective for the greater good.

  • Who we are: Founded by the Sisters of Mercy, an order based in service to others with a particular concern for the poor, the marginalized, women, immigrants, and the sustainability of life, we seek to educate our students through classes and experiences that bring them face-to-face with people in need. We come to this work with civic purpose and a conviction that a useful 21st-century education should serve the common good.
  • Faith, fostered: The Center for Faith and Spirituality develops ongoing dialogue, relationships, and opportunities to engage, nurture, and foster faith and spirituality among individuals and across our communities. All faiths and traditions are welcomed with open arms.
  • Abundant resources: The Mercy Center is a place for ministry, social justice, and community. There are a wide array of opportunities available to students, faculty, and staff that focus on building relationships and fostering student leadership while putting our corporeal and spiritual works into action.
  • Opportunities: Volunteer and service trips to places like Haiti and Guatemala are available to students interested in hands-on experiences.


As a values-based institution, we believe that those values carry not only in the classroom, but in our day-to-day interactions with one another. Community is this foundation that we have, and every single other value of our core values fits into community. The Mercy Center programs are open to all students, and they really center around faith and service.

For example, we go to Guatemala and Haiti, where we build houses for them, help in clinics, and we also go to different places throughout the United States where there's people who are less fortunate.

Faculty and staff set a very good example, and they lead by example. And when we see our leaders doing things for the community and for us, they treat us with respect, it encourages us to go out and be servant leaders. So these are some of the ways that the school cultivates a culture of putting others first.