Where Community Grows

A community to call home. With the shoreline of Sebago Lake, the White Mountains, the beautiful Maine coastline, and an average enrollment of nearly 2,000 students each year, Saint Joseph's offers a close-knit campus with (postcard-worthy) space to explore.

  • Personal environment: The intentional scale of our campus enables personal experiences with professors, coaches, and staff making way for quality connections and lifelong mentorships.
  • Values-based learning: This educational ideology encourages students to become “purpose-filled” leaders who make a difference in the world, during and after graduation.
  • Our reputation: We have a history of being changemakers leading the way for distance learning to now developing innovative programs in aging, food, and hospitality — all vital pieces of the Maine economy that equip our students with valuable, relevant skills.
  • Our surroundings: You’ll live and study on a beautiful 478-acre wooded campus on Sebago Lake, perfectly situated between Portland on the coast of Maine and the White Mountains. We offer all the best aspects of Maine life — the way life should be.
Here at St. Joseph, you are a member of this community. And we will make sure that not just your academic needs are being met, but that your social and spiritual needs as well.

Attending St. Joe's allowed me to have personal level relationships with administrators. So to be able to interact with different levels within an organization has helped me exceed in my career.

Not only are we friends or family, we consider each other family. It's really important that we're not just friends, but we're there for each other on and off the field.

St. Joe's really is focused towards the student and where they're going to fit in the world.

I just find myself staring at the sunset over the lake and how they focused on sustainability. But I saw that and I just wanted to be there. I felt like I was already part of the community.

Sometimes it's not what you know, it's who you know, and here at St. Joe's, you're gonna get to know a lot of people. Not only currently on campus, we're going to be involved with you when you leave here. Our Alums are going to be involved. So it's not just a four year thing. We talk about this as a lifetime relationship.

We can all teach skills, but we also help people learn how to be professional and caring people and we're known for that.