Campus Learning

At Saint Joseph’s College, you’re not a nameless face in the crowd. Our academic programming offers values-based learning that both prepares you for the real world, and addresses who students are socially, emotionally, and spiritually, creating purpose-filled leaders. Our programs at Saint Joseph’s offer real-life opportunities from your first day to your last, taking you off campus and beyond.

  • Space for learning Intimate class sizes allow and encourage one-on-one interactions with faculty, creating honest mentorships, many of which become lifelong.
  • Evolved academics Our academic programming refreshes in tandem with current workforce needs and new markets.
  • Comprehensive approach We address the “whole” (social, emotional, spiritual) student through our values-based, liberal arts learning environment readying students for the trending reality of a “multi-career” path.
  • Learning together The Community-Based Learning program works with faculty, students, and community partners to design and implement community projects and experiences in as many courses as possible. In and out of the classroom, there are opportunities to engage in high impact, place-based, hands-on learning both on campus and in communities, enabling you to continue to grow and evolve.
  • Thoughtful resources The Wellehan Library gives students access to materials from across the state through an interlibrary loan system, free eBooks and audio books, access to free language learning apps, and study spaces from quiet study rooms to multimedia-equipped group study spaces. The Academic Center for Excellence is another place beyond the classroom that supports students through tutoring and the writing center, First Year Experience seminar, and a peer mentor program.




Here at St. Joe's, we get an opportunity to do something called community-based learning. So in different classes, you get to research and impact the local community by doing different projects, whether that be clinical internships or student teaching. And we really get to jump right into our major and our field of study.

St. Joe's has the Academic Center for Excellence. And through that, there's tutoring. There are test accommodations. There's the Writing Center, and you can also go to the Counseling Center, and they help out with test-taking skills, so that can be really helpful as well.

I have no doubts that when I leave here, I'll be well-prepared. And I know that when I get a job, I'll be confident in my skills.

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